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2 January 2010

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Bocko on [ 500 cranes ]
Excellent photo! Vivid colours, nice shape, mystic appearance...

claudia gimello on [crane-go-round]
Hermoso trabajo!!! dónde conseguir el diagrama? por favor?

mamiko on [四 cubes]
What is the name of this model/what book is it from? I love it!

Koushiro on [1000 cranes]
Very vibrant and psychedelic colours! ^^ Dang I wish I could finish mine ><" Someone stole my papers.... T.T

☾éline on [1000 cranes]
Congratulations !!! This is gorgeous !

MMC Photos on [1000 cranes]
The colors are vibrant, you made these? Very cool. Great art.

jm on [1000 cranes]
so beautiful!

LoulouPix on [1000 cranes]
Congratulations dee allen. The colors are amazing and your picture is very beautiful, taking us with the whirlwind ;)

valenttin on [1000 cranes]
goodluck. fine shot!

Sarito on [1000 cranes]
Two months.... wow.. well done.. Excellent colours.. love it..

kate on [ 500 cranes ]

kate on [1000 cranes]
wow! beautiful rainbow~~!!:)

larry on [1000 cranes]
Cool.. must be a lot of hard work.

Koushiro on [ 500 cranes ]
My paper was stolen by the people at work... T.T Now at a standstill cuz I have not enough to finish my 15th strand...

David Perez on [ 500 cranes ]
Hey Dee! Sorry I didn't message you sooner, I deactivated my facebook for a while but I'll be back. I just ...

LoulouPix on [ 500 cranes ]
Good luck dee allen. Hope to see your work soon again, it's always so joyful and colored that it makes me smile.

☾éline on [ 500 cranes ]
Good luck ! This is really impressive !

Stephanie on [ 500 cranes ]
hey.. your photo is back! wow.. only 200 more!!!!

Vert Pomme on [ 500 cranes ]
Belles couleurs et beau mouvement.....

Luc on [murasaki sakura]
I cannot decide which is my favorite :)

Luc on [hexagon boxes]
I love anything with Japanese paper and origami, try a few myself, and you certainly take nice images of your creations ...

Céline on [in progress]
Very nice rainbow !

Ben on [whoooo lives in a pineapple under the sea?]
hehehe, thanks for the pressie Dee! *proud owner* unless you have several of these? ^~^

LoulouPix on [in progress]
Nice movement and colors. I'm always curious to see what you have in stock for us and you continue to surprise me

Koushiro~光子郎 on [in progress]
Very nice colours and composition ^^ Can't wait to see the finished product lol ^^

shahrzad on [hana ∞]
love these blooms :)

shahrzad on [四 cubes]
wow I wish I could learn origami. really cool

shahrzad on [in progress]
nice job both the picture and senbaruzu

Sarito on [black stars]
This is my favourite..

LoulouPix on [black stars]
Real complex architecture and another beauty to your collection

Marleen on [b&w shisa]
This is something else....! Great work:-)

Stephanie on [black stars]
i don't know why.. but i just see Star War on this one! :P

Louloupix on [b&w shisa]
I know it's supposed to be scary but I laughed when I saw the picture. Not at the mask itself but at the ease you ...

Self-Indulgence on [b&w shisa]
A good mask.

Sarito on [b&w shisa]
:), the monster.. great shot.

Koushiro~光子郎 on [b&w shisa]
Intriguing.... XD Nice folding skills ^^ Still like your kusudamas better though...

Self-Indulgence on [purple stars]
The balls are fun to make. I do remember that much of my origami. Never a two tone though. Nice.

Louloupix on [purple stars]
Looks like a treasure box with a secret opening. I really like your picture.

Koushiro~光子郎 on [purple stars]
Very nice composition! Do you make these on a daily basis? I wanna see your whole collection together :3

Stephanie on [purple stars]
so mysterious~

Barbara on [eddy cube]
Stunning work, I've been through all of your images.

Barbara on [very first senbazuru]
Incredible work, love the blend of colors.

Barbara on [seven connects]
Great work, I really like these boxes, the colors and patterns of the strips. These really interested me seeing them ...

Barbara on [whoooo lives in a pineapple under the sea?]
Well done, nice design.

Barbara on [hana ∞]
I like the composition of patterns and colors. Just yesterday I saw a book on origami and thought that a great idea to ...

Mirko Herzner on [四 cubes]
A well composed shot. And lovely colors...

Sarito on [四 cubes]
Beautiful arrangement.. lovely colours..

Koushiro~光子郎 on [四 cubes]
Nice.... Love the colours and the patterns on the paper ^^

Louloupix on [bingata motif]
I'm lost in the blue. Usually I see where your origami start and end but not today in this blue. Nice sensation, ...

Self-Indulgence on [bingata motif]
Wall hanging or mat. Nicely done.

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